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Greenman Massage

personally tailored massage for your wellbeing

Welcome in a safe and warm environment, a place for you to relax, recharge & enjoy.


With an holistic approach to massage I work intuitively and from the heart. I combine the strength of various massage styles  Deep Tissue and Thai Yoga Massage, dynamic Hawaiian Energy Massage (Lomi Lomi), Biodynamic Cranial Touch BCT & Energy Bodywork, to support you in times of transition, stress, pain or low energy,  to bring you into your flow & your power again.

Each massage is tailored to your individual needs at the time of your visit. We decide together what is best for you. I can work all the range from a deep and firm massage,  to a more fluid dynamic massage,  to subtle energy work.

Together with warm oils, Hot Stones and supportive sounds and aromas it becomes a journey for all your senses. Blocked energy can unravel and flow freely again, restoring your natural inner balance. 






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Trained in Hawaiian Energy Massage (Lomi Lomi), Deep Tissue and Thai Yoga Massage, Biodynamic Cranial Touch BCT, as a Meditation Guide in India and having studied various healing techniques - sound healing, shamanism, tantra and energy work - I use my knowledge and experience to help you on your way to well being. Furthermore I have an academic background in Biology and Dance, which gives me an deeper understanding of the human body.


  60 min  -   70 euro

  90 min  -   95 euro

120 min  -  120 euro

The 60 min massage is great to treat a specific condition, the 90 & 120 min session give enough time to massage the entire body in depth and to sink even more profoundly into a deep relaxation. 


For any questions & to make an appointment, please contact me, I am looking forward to hear from you !

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